Our crossword generator builds your puzzles… the way you want!

Bring your own word lists...

word listsYou are an editor of crossword puzzles. Or a book editor, of children’s books or language learning books. Or a puzzle broker for magazines and newspapers… Then, you need materials, to print, to sell or to publish online. For your business, that are crossword puzzles in any form you can imagine.

We provide you this material. Because we built what no one ever did before: a crossword compiler that generates puzzles without human intervention. Admitted, you need to have well-edited wordlists and you have to design your grids. That is the hardest part. We do the rest. Promised!

Let me state this clear once again: you feed your word lists to our puzzle maker, you design the grids and then the machine compiles your crosswords in a blink of an eye. Well, OK, this is not entirely true, you’ll have the time to go out for a coffee. Can you dream your business easier than that?

Interested? Read on!

Feed them to the hungry machine...


Crozzby is a hungry machine. He is fond of word lists. Huge or small. In every possible language. He accepts them in .csv format and eats his way all through your lists.

Let him work for you as long as you wish. You need a series of 365 crossword puzzles for daily consumption the whole year round? He’ll deliver them at your command. And he’ll keep track of the words already used in order to avoid using them again in the next crossword. He adapts the simplest of rules here: the longer the word, the longer he keeps it in memory. You wont see that 11-letter word again for the next two weeks, unless you tell him explicitly to do so.


Frame into your own grid...

generatorThe most beautiful part of Crozzby is his willingness to accept any grid you design. And by any, we mean ANY.  Be it a classic symmetrical grid, or a more fancy design, or even a round grid… whatever you can come up with, it can be done in the grid building part.

Choose the format, like 10×10 and click on the squares  you want to paint black. Save your design for later use and put Crozzby to work. Can it be more simple?

Sit back, enjoy and watch your pile of crosswords grow


A crossword, be it Japanese or Swedish style… or whatever, Crozzby delivers it. He is by far the best puzzle maker in the world for professional use.

What can you expect? The exact number of crossword puzzles you ordered. In perfect shape, meaning there is no more editing needed afterwards – as long as your word lists are OK. Moreover, you’ll get them in both graphical and electronic formats like pdf, html, json, txt or svg. You can start integrating them into your own publications right away.

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Our bilingual crosswords


They help you practice a foreign language in a fun way.

Crozzbi crossword puzzles are designed to help you remember foreign words more easily.


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