Bring your own word lists…

word listsYou are an editor of crossword puzzles. Or a book editor, of children’s books or language learning books. Or a puzzle broker for magazines and newspapers… Then, you need materials, to print, to sell or to publish online. For your business, that are crossword puzzles in any form you can imagine.

We provide you this material. Because we built what no one ever did before: a crossword compiler that generates puzzles without human intervention. Admitted, you need to have well-edited wordlists and you have to design your grids. That is the hardest part. We do the rest. Promised!

Let me state this clear once again: you feed your word lists to our puzzle maker, you design the grids and then the machine compiles your crosswords in a blink of an eye. Well, OK, this is not entirely true, you’ll have the time to go out for a coffee. Can you dream your business easier than that?

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